Is BOLD for my girl?

  • This program helps girls build confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills.
  • They will learn tools to clear negative influences out of their lives, including harmful social media messages.
  • It will help them establish healthy habits (exercise, food, mindset) to boost energy and feel unstoppable.
  • Girls complete a series of 7 BOLD challenges and earn badges for each one. Girls graduate from BOLD feeling energized, strong, and powerful, ready to confidently go after their goals.
  • The BOLD curriculum was created by a team of wellness coaches, psychologists, parents, plus an advisory panel of girls.

If so then sign up for more information on BOLD!

For an individual girl it is $79. If you already have a group it is $797 for up to 15 girls (we can discuss price for a larger group).

the program includes:

  • A program folder with weekly challenges and worksheets mailed to you.
  • 7 weekly zoom calls covering one topic each week.
  • Girl scout style badges, stickers, and a certificate upon completion.

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A few of the BOLD topics:

1. Media

We cover using media mindfully, and being conscious about the messages we are consuming and sharing.

2. Food

We cover learning to have a healthy relationship with food, listening to the body's cues, and making good food choices so that food is fuel.

3. Sweat

Just like food we talk about cultivating a healthy relationship with exercise. We focus on exercise being fun and a celebration of what your body can do (not a punishment).

4. Voice

We talk about how each girl's voice is valuable and important, ways to build confidence in using their voice, and to stand up for what they believe in.

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